Open Your Heart

This is not a post on romantic love or even self-love – at least not directly.

Today, I’m going to talk about opening your heart – to experiences, to people, to ideas, and even to hurt. It’s easy to open your heart with those you trust, but what about opening yourself to situations and people you haven’t built trust with yet. I challenge you this week to open your heart to so it all.  Open yourself to whatever situation or person is in front of you right now. It’s a tall order with high risk and tons of reward but aren’t all rewarding moments a bit risky?

Below are some ideas on what opening your heart looks like, but here’s the rub: it takes introspection and brutal honesty with yourself to identify to what in your life have your closed yourself off.  Only you really know this and to gain the beautiful benefits of living with an open heart you must lean into those areas that are most closed.

What does it look like when you live with an open heart? You are in the moment, looking for the opportunity to connect, whether it is with others, with God / Source, with yourself, with nature.  Living with an open heart is being brave in the midst of vulnerability, knowing and believing that protecting yourself is not really protection but rather deprivation of fully being present and fully experiencing life.

Here are some prompts for living with an open heart, but the bottom line is this – if you feel resistance, lean in fully and see what you discover.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Ask yourself, what opportunities are in front of me right now and how can I fully engage in my life right now?
  • Find connection with a stranger. This is not just a head nod and smile. Place your attention solely on them, look them in the eye and ask a question or compliment them.  Be curious, really listen and respond empathically.
  • Ask yourself throughout the day, what or who am I avoiding and how can I turn toward that situation or person from a place of connection, curiosity, and vulnerability.
  • Connect at work with a colleague by asking them about their day, or family, or cat before you jump into a meeting agenda. Do this from authentic curiosity or caring – if you fake it, they will feel it.
  • When you notice you are judging someone, be curious about what that judgement can tell you about yourself or current state and choose another thought.
  • Forgive yourself, your partner, your ex, your parents, etc in some capacity.
  • Get out in nature and feel how all of life is connected and notice how it makes you feel.
  • Be forgiving to a not-so-favorite person, especially if it is you.

I’ll be honest with you – since I have committed to opening my heart, I’ve she more tears lately AND I have experienced so much more joy, connection, and growth.

Let me know how this challenge is going for you by commenting or direct messaging me.

With much love,

Erika aka the mindful boho