Letting Go of Shame

“there’s no shame in that”; “what a shame”; “shame on you”

No doubt the concept of shame is prominent in our culture. Many believe we have a right to shame someone when they have done something wrong. We shame ourselves in an attempt to punish, but all this does is keeps the shamed person in the mindset of the “wrong” instead of forward action. It breaks the spirit of adults, children and even our pets. Shame then leads to overcompensation, which is action based on fear instead of from confidence and truth.

What might it feel to take responsibility for our actions – take responsibility when things didn’t go as we planned- and then learn from those experiences, eager to try another way?

What if we didn’t think it was our responsibility to shame others and instead simply expressed our feelings about their actions?

What might your day look like today if you let go of shame? Replace it with acceptance and eagerness to try again.