It’s All About Attitude

Attitude is how we show up. It is the state of mind in which we approach life.  We may approach our job with one state of mind and our family life with another, but usually we display common themes to how we naturally show up in life.  Another way I like to talk about attitude is to talk about our energetic state.

Chances are if you won the lottery today, you would be ecstatic, energetic and might not be able to sit still.  You might even feel like you have energy to spare.  Conversely, if you got a flat tire on the way to a business meeting, you most likely would not feel ecstatic and instead feel annoyed and drained from the whole experience.

For any given situation, the energy you experience is directly related to how you show up.

Let’s look at the winning-the-lottery scenario a little differently.  Perhaps you are someone who was given a lottery ticket as a gift and when you found out that you had a winning ticket, a sense of overwhelming guilt came over you. You might be someone who thinks you don’t deserve this kind of luck and wish someone more deserving or in more need should have won.  In fact, the thought of all the steps you will need to take to manage this money is so overwhelming that it eclipses the idea of all you could actually do with the winnings.  In this scenario, the person is showing up as feeling overwhelmed, guilty and undeserving which only drains this individual of energy and blinds them to the opportunities that exist right in front of them.

Now what about the flat tire scenario?  Imagine you were someone who was a bit of a risk taker, enjoyed working on cars in their ‘spare’ time (yes, pun was intended) and was dreading the business meeting to which you were headed.  Maybe the business meeting was with your least favorite client and you were looking for any excuse to get out of it for weeks. So when your tire blew on the way to the meeting you felt relieved! You weren’t stressed because in this scenario you are someone who could change a tire in your sleep AND you enjoy it.  In fact, you begin to wonder if you didn’t manifest this perfect opportunity to cancel this meeting you wanted to cancel a week ago.   In this scenario, the person is showing up as seeing an opportunity in a situation where most would not; they are appreciative and even feel a bit empowered.  The flat tire incident left this individual feeling energized and grateful.

As you can see from these examples, it is not the scenario that defines our response it is how we see the world and how we PERCEIVE our relationship to the scenario that determines our response! In other words, if we shift our perception of ourselves in relationship to any given scenario, we can shift how we show up and what kind of energy we experience in any situation! 

 Shifting our perception is sometimes quite the feat. It is common for me to see new clients who are tired and worn down from their same knee-jerk reactions to life’s stressors. They see their reaction but are frustrated because they still can’t seem to change their reaction. They have the desire and motivation to shift their pattern but don’t know what is blocking them from a lasting desired outcome.

 The first step in shifting our perception is to bring conscious awareness to how we show up right now and the thoughts behind how we show up.  A fantastic starting point to gain awareness of your patterns is to take an attitudinal assessment that provides insight on how you show up in currently in your life. This is why I include at least one energy assessment as part of my coaching packages.  As I debrief you on your results you learn your default thoughts and perceptual patterns.  We will discover where these patterns show up currently in your life. We also explore which of those default patterns are propelling you toward your goals and which are blocking you from what you want to achieve. In other words, through the debrief, we shine a light on your energetic profile so you may begin to consciously respond instead of unconsciously react to life events. Through our coaching sessions, we work to break through your blocks to experience more self-alignment and forward action.

If you would like to learn more about the ELI, the assessment I use with my clients, please click here or feel free to contact me and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.



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