Four Ways To Reignite Your Soul

Do you know what sets YOUR soul on fire?Fearless: The Mindful Bohemian

Sometimes life gets so busy, so monotonous, you might have forgotten what brings you absolute passion. Or perhaps what used to bring you joy just doesn’t do it for you any longer. This can leave you feeling unfulfilled and possibly wondering if you will feel that kind of passion again.

Here are 5 things you can do to tap into what sets your soul on fire:

  • What brought you pure joy as a child? Many times, what brought you joy as a child will also bring you joy now. It might not be exactly the same thing but identifying joyful childhood activities can help you hone in on what sets your soul on fire.
  • What is that activity in your life that you don’t do because you are waiting for enough time to do it right?  Many activities we love to do we postpone doing until the time is right. Don’t wait for the perfect time – just do it! If it sparks passion, then do it again.
  • What are you doing when you lose track of time because you are so submersed in what you are doing? Chances are, when find yourself  in “a zone” there is some characteristic of that task that is bringing you joy. Identify what is that characteristic and engage in other activities that also have that characteristic.
  • Try something new. Go to a new museum, a book club, or a cooking class. Don’t just try it once. Sometimes there is some anxiety during the first class, but by the second you are able to tap into whether is sparks joy. If it doesn’t try something else.
  • Move your body. Dance, run, skip, bike, or all of the above. Try different ways to move your body and one activity will spark passion. Using our body in space invigorates us and can inspire ideas of other things that also bring joy.

Enjoy and let me know how these techniques worked for you.



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