Finding Joy Every Single Day

Happy Friday! Hey, do you find yourself denying moments of joy during the day because you think you have to be practical or responsible?

I certainly have! “Oh, I don’t have time to ‘dance it out’ in my living room to my favorite song because I may be late to work”.

What if responsible and joyful were not on opposite sides of the spectrum? What if I told you that it is irresponsible NOT to make joy a priority. Joy is our spiritual pit stop – our fuel for the soul, inspiration, and creativity. To deny us of joy is to deny us of spiritual and emotional nourishment.

So I’ve stopped denying the solo dance party and what do I find? I might be a little late but I have more energy, pink in my cheeks, and a smile that comes through over the phone.

What could you do to inject joy into your daily routine? How might that impact your day?