Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don't believe Everything you Think - The Mindful Bohemian

Don’t believe everything you think

Have you ever gotten an idea that really excited you, but then it was followed by that voice in your head that says, “Yeah good idea but…YOU can’t do it because you don’t have the time, the money, the talent, etc.”?

Everything after the “Yeah, but” can lead you to dismiss the idea that really excited you.

Why does this happen? Two reasons:

  • Our thoughts are POWERFUL. They can lead us to action or inaction.  They can change feelings of happiness to feelings despair before we even know what happened.  They are stealth in that way, and when we are not mindful of our thoughts, their impact on our mood and overall outlook can really throw a wrench in our dreams.
  • Our brains have an evolutionary tendency to focus on negative thoughts over positive ones.  This is a primal defense mechanism with life-saving consequences  when in a life-threatening situation.  For example, if there is a bear and her cub on your path, our brain would prioritize the thought, “This bear in front of me might eat me” over the positive thought, “Ooh it would be fun to cuddle that bear cub.”

Unfortunately, this defense mechanism is there all the time unless we intervene.  This is why if we are not mindful, the “Yeah, but” thought wins over the inspiring idea.

But wait, there is good news. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean you have to believe it or that it is even true!

You can dismiss a thought that doesn’t serve you.  If a thought doesn’t impact you in a positive way, dismiss it.  Ask yourself, “How true is that statement, really? How is that thought about myself serving me?”

Lastly, YOU, right now have the power to CHANGE your thoughts. Without spending any money or even turning around three times in a phone booth, you can come up with another thought — one that serves you, one that empowers you, and one that inspires you to act.  Remember a thought is not a fact. However, a thought, if thought over and over again, can become a personal belief, so why not make it a positive one?