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Frequently Asked

How many sessions will it take to get a result?
That is a tough question. It all depends on the goal you are trying to reach, how you define results, and the blocks in your way to get there.  Some people see change as early as the first session while others will benefit from a longer-term commitment.
How much will it cost?
Coaching is an investment in you. Prices vary based on the package you choose. If you want to know specific pricing, let’s schedule a complimentary session so I can learn more about your goals and help you to choose a package that will work best for you.  
Would you ever not work with someone?
Yes.  I will only work with someone I think I can support and help. I am not a therapist, so there are times when coaching may not be appropriate. During your complimentary session, I can help you determine if coaching is right for you now.  
I’m not sure Coaching is for me? What should I do?
If you’re not sure that coaching is right for you, then let’s talk. I would scheduling a complimentary one-hour session with me so we can see if there might be a good fit between us. You can also always email me with any questions. You can also check out this survey.  
How does mindfulness come into play with coaching?
Have you ever reacted to a situation and later you wished you hadn’t?  By using mindfulness techniques in our coaching sessions, I help you to become aware of the thoughts behind your actions so you can respond in a way that serves you instead of reacting.

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