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5 Big Myths About Coaching

You may have heard of coaching and even know a coach but are you still confused about the details of coaching, like - how is it different from therapy, when do you see one, and who gets the best benefits? Although the coaching industry has been around for over 30...

Authenticity is not Dead

I dated someone once who argued that authenticity is dead.  He argued that ideas, concepts, and recipes have been diluted over the years, and thus authenticity is just this thing we say to give something more value – like authentic Mexican cuisine, even though the...

Confessions from a Comfort-Addicted Coach

We all seek comfort - why else would we take off our shoes, bra, or tie as soon as we get home? All beings aspire for comfort, and there is nothing wrong with that, that is until it keeps you from venturing out into uncharted territory. This article is a cautionary...

The Calculus of Happiness

Happiness - for years, it was my white whale - I chased it, hunted it, but never quite captured it.  It wasn’t for my lack of trying, but the mere way in which I thought about happiness, the way in which I defined it, made it impossible to obtain. I thought the...

Attention! Why it Matters

Attention is powerful – we move in the direction of what holds our attention. Anyone who has been bicycling or snowboarding knows if you don’t want to hit a tree, don’t look at it.  Instead, focus on where you want to go.  Focus on your path.  The same rules apply for our goals and fears.  Below I will explain how attention works and how you can utilize your attention to keep your eye on the prize and not your fear.

Got the Monday Blues?

Happy Monday! If Mondays are not that happy for you, you are not alone.  Sometimes even when we love what we do, Mondays can be challenging.  Here are a few tried and true ideas for a healthier and happier Monday:

Four Ways To Reignite Your Soul

Do you know what sets YOUR soul on fire? Sometimes life gets so busy, so monotonous, you might have forgotten what brings you absolute passion. Or perhaps what used to bring you joy just doesn’t do it for you any longer. This can leave you feeling unfulfilled and...

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