The path of the Bohemian:

Unconventional, unexpected, artistic, and often not linear. 

Imagine approaching life with mindfulness of your decisions and awareness of your big picture. The choices you make align with what is important to you. You know this because decisions start to feel right.

You are aware of how your thoughts and body respond to your choices and you find you are no longer reacting but consciously responding to your environment.

You feel mentally, physically, and emotionally energized and ready for the opportunities in front of you. You are living your unique life – and you have the energy to enjoy it.

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“Life is a dance.


is witnessing that dance.”

Amit Ray

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What is Coaching?


What is Mindfulness?


My role as your Mindfulness Coach:

The path of the Bohemian can be your reality.

As your certified professional coach, I fold in mindfulness techniques, somatic awareness, and Core Energy® concepts to uncover any blocks that are keeping you from where you want to be.

As your partner, I collaborate with you to help you to achieve your goals and dreams in a way that is creative and true to you.

You are the expert of YOU — and the answers lie within. I support you by supplying the questions.

Are you ready to be a powerful creator of your path? 

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